A treasure trove of product marketing career development materials. Unlock actionable interview techniques, expert advice, and proven strategies from industry experts.   
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What isPMM Hired?

PMM Hired helps you take control of your career trajectory by giving you an all-access pass to the knowledge and experience of product marketing innovators who have gone before you.

This comprehensive toolkit will help you navigate every career stage and fulfill your goals in less time.

With expert advice, interview questions and skills, and live workshops that help you focus on key PMM skills, you can stand out as a top candidate within a competitive job market.
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“PMM Hired will save you hours of research, and you’ll get everything you need to crack your next product marketing interview.”

We spoke to Marie Pachy, a product marketer at Bridge, about her experience with the PMM Hired resource we have here at Product Marketing Alliance.
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Lifetime access to the secrets of a successful product marketing career. Our resource hub provides you with the crucial tools and strategies you need to leap ahead in your professional journey.
400+ sample interview questions from the likes of Linkedin, Amazon, Uber, and more, designed to fully prepare you and give you an edge over the competition.
Realistic mock interviews for each stage of your PMM career, to help you answer the most frequently asked questions in PMM interviews and boost your confidence.
Tap into a wealth of invaluable career insights from top industry professionals. You’ll also gain access to expert advice on how to 360 potential interview questions, ensuring you’re thoroughly prepared for any curveball that comes your way.
Uncover vital lessons from experienced PMMs, as they share what they wished they’d known at the start of their career journey so you can avoid the same pitfalls, or make the same successful leaps.
Get a sneak preview of the types of real-world tasks you’ll be asked to tackle in PMM interviews and the model answers your interviewers will be looking for.
Participate in live, monthly workshops, designed for you to ask questions, rehearse for interviews, and tap into the wisdom of highly-experienced PMMs. Enhance your skill set in a dynamic, real-time learning environment.
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Why getPMM Hired?

Gain the knowledge and skills to unlock new career heights as a PMM through proven strategies from experienced pros.

Build unshakable confidence and poise by practicing responses to the most challenging interview questions.

Develop an authentic, composed presence during interviews by simulating realistic scenarios with constructive feedback.

Impress potential employers with your ability to tackle complex, real-world challenges with innovative approaches.

Solidify your expertise through ongoing learning opportunities from a network of highly accomplished product marketers.

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By the end of this toolkit
you’ll be able to..

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Ace interviews

Master the art of interviews with proven strategies from PMMs at global orgs like Zendesk, IBM, TikTok, Seiko Epson, Intercom, and more.

Navigate your career

Gain a clear understanding of the dynamics and expectations of every stage in a PMM career to aid seamless transitions.

Foster professional connections

Network with a thriving community of PMM professionals and build relationships that can support your career growth


Who is the PMM Hired course for?

PMM Hired is catered to every level of the product marketing profession. It’s relevant to literally anyone, including:

Associate Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Head of Product Marketing
Director of Product Marketing
VP of Product Marketing

The offerings of the course include tailored mock interviews, interview questions, informative videos, articles, and more, specifically curated for each career stage.

How long will I have access to the course for?  

Forever! You can revisit all the materials anytime you want - whether it’s for an upcoming interview, a job transition, or you simply want to refresh your knowledge.

What do the monthly workshops involve?

The workshops happen once a month, every month. They’re one-hour sessions designed to foster interaction, learning, and growth in your career. You can connect with like-minded professionals, ask career-related questions, practice and prepare for interviews, and get general advice on how to climb the next rung on the product marketing career ladder.

Can I expect additional content to be added to PMM Hired?

Yes! Every month, we’ll add fresh content to our platform for you to read, watch, use, and implement. We’re here to help you achieve continuous growth and success in your career.

Will I be able to apply for jobs through PMM Hired?

Absolutely. Once you’ve enriched your knowledge and skills through all resources in PMM Hired, you’ll be able to access our jobs page. There, you’ll find a curated selection of the most exciting opportunities that await you in the product marketing landscape.