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Why getproduct marketing certified?

Product marketing is a growing role - and it’s becoming increasingly competitive. Adding an official certification (all our courses are accredited by the CIM and CPD) to your resume is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd and land your dream role.

Formal development also enhances and validates key skills, increases confidence, broadens perspectives, and opens new opportunities - all of which can accelerate your professional growth.

And finally, certified PMMs earn more. Our latest findings show that on average, certified PMMs earn $16,732 more than their uncertified peers.
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Understand and apply theA-Z of product marketing

From research to optimization, sales enablement to Go-to-Market, customer marketing to product-led growth - and more…

Our Core courses cover every nook and cranny of the product marketing role, leaving you with a richer understanding not just of the what and why, but crucially, how to apply your newfound knowledge.

Core is right for you if you’re…

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Looking to transition into the industry

Core will arm you with that all-important foundational layer of intel to hit the ground running.

Relatively new to product marketing

It’ll up-skill you in areas you might not have quite so much practical experience in.

An experienced PMM looking for a refresher

Always up-to-date, PMMC: Core is a great refresher on current trends and potential new practices.


Excel in every core PMM competency

Our advanced-level courses deep dive into the nitty-gritty of essential product marketing skills like positioning, messaging, Go-to-Market, pricing, storytelling, segmentation, and more.

Layered with all-important theory, practical examples, and step-by-step frameworks, they’re everything you need to confidently drive and apply meaningful change across your current product marketing strategy.

Advanced is right for you if you’re…

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A PMM with 2+ years’ experience

Due to the level of detail the advanced courses go into, a solid understanding of product marketing foundations is recommended first.

Looking to specialize

These courses will give you the deep knowledge and skills needed to specialize in your career.

Wanting to refresh your knowledge

…Or you want to rethink how you’re currently approaching XYZ. Best practices are always changing and there are always new tactics you can apply.


Level-up your leadership impact

Built specifically for product marketing leaders, by product marketing leaders, our leadership courses are designed to help you lead with authority, influence, and innovation.

We'll guide you through the vital hard and soft skills you need, leveraging the experience of leaders from top brands like LinkedIn, Hotjar, and Shopify along the way.

Leadership is right for you if you’re…

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An aspiring product marketing leader

Get a blueprint of where you need to develop, and what gaps you need to plug, to make that leap into leadership and expedite your career progression.

A new product marketing leader

This course will equip you with everything you need to be the most effective and impactful leader you can be.

An established product marketing leader

Validate, refresh, and enhance key leadership skills by tapping into tried, tested, and proven techniques and strategies.

Benchmark yourproduct marketing skills

Let us know your experience in key PMM competencies and we'll give you a tailormade framework to lean in on your strengths and identify opportunities for professional growth.

"This course is everything a product marketer needs to navigate our incredibly cross-functional and rapidly evolving discipline. It explores the unique role of PMM in a way that has simply not been done before."

Gabriele Dane

Product Marketing Manager

“One word. WOW!!!! And I mean WOW! I wish I had this when I built personas the first and second time. It would shorten the cycle of making them by weeks. Months.”

Igor Kranjcec

Head of Marketing

“The PMA Leadership course was absolutely amazing. I found the course concise and very educational. I especially found the GTM frameworks especially useful as well as building a PM team, team management, pricing and the influence & being cross-functional. I will use my notes and supporting documents from each and every one of the modules in my daily job.”

Scott Eirfert

Director of Marketing

Benefits ofbeing certified

Grow professionally: Acquire new skills, tackle complex problems, and broaden your perspectives.

Increase credibility: Enhance your reputation and establish yourself as a trusted source in your domain.

Stand out: Make an impression on potential employers with a globally recognized qualification.

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Our courses are built and taken by PMMs at:

Upskill your entire
product marketing team…

Fill key knowledge gaps and get everyone speaking the same language by getting your whole team certified. Book in a call to discuss group rates.

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Why choose

Comparing course providers? Here are just a handful of reasons 1,000s of product marketers trust PMA over others for their professional development…

Our courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and CPD, and trusted by orgs like Intuit, Meta, & more.

Practical, actionable, case study-led lessons that ensure you leave confident in your ability to apply what you’ve learnt.

Community-led learning derived from the masses, vs limited learnings from just one expert.

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