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Drive your business forward by creating and maintaining a gold-standard product marketing team that shares the same language, knowledge, purpose, and vision. Learn today, apply tomorrow.

Join product marketing teams like this who choose PMA to upskill:
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Elevate your team to maximum productivity

Whether you’re looking for continuous learning opportunities or bespoke live training, we’ve got you covered.

PMMC: Core teams

Create a shared understanding around product marketing and get everyone speaking the same language with our CIM & CPD accredited certification.

Strategic workshops

Upskill your entire team and expedite excellence with bespoke training tailored to your product, market, and goals.

Team membership

Enable your entire team to drive impact, influence, and revenue with access to world-class continuous professional development.

Team certifications

Upskill your entire team, get everyone speaking the same language, and level-up your PMM impact with accredited courses your team can use to learn today and apply tomorrow.
“It's really good to know that the team now has the tools to go and do the work by themselves. For my first couple of years at Indeed, I led by showing. Now, because we've had this training, PMMs have the opportunity to lead these things themselves. That's been a really gratifying transition.

“Now that we’re all operating with common frameworks, I'm building out the team more, and focusing on working "on" the business versus working "in" it.”

Greg Powell

Senior Director of Employer Product Marketing

“Product Marketing Core: Teams has enabled us to function in a much more structured way within our organization and a much more standards-based way to our stakeholders.

“It has significantly contributed to the reduction of ‘scope creep’ and enabled us to deliver a true SLA across our organization.

“Not only has it increased our productivity and provided actionable insights, but it’s also helped team members new to product marketing by giving them a richer understanding of the area.”

Marina Hudek

Product Marketing Lead

“The PMA course was a great opportunity to revisit core PMM concepts and learn new ones at the same time. It is helping the team focus and zero in on how and where they can drive impact in their respective roles.

“It reminded us of the importance of digging deeper and validating our assumptions concerning the problems we solve, who we are solving these problems for, and whether our approach/solutions matter to buyers.”

Rahim Kaba

VP of Product Marketing

Why teams pick
PMA to level up

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From the brains behind some of the world’s fastest-growing startups to industry heavyweights at Fortune 500 orgs, we pull in proven tactics and strategies used to scale some of the biggest brands in the world - so you can steal their learnings.
We know no two products, challenges, or teams are the same, which is why all our resources are created based on the experiences of the masses vs. just one expert. And our community of 100,000+ enables us to do that better than anyone.
Our certifications are updated twice a year and our membership plans are updated every month. Rest assured, you’ll always be working off only up-to-the-minute product marketing insights.
Our courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the CPD Certification Service. A solid addition to your team’s resumes, and a great way to demonstrate your commitment to their continuous professional development and retain top talent.
Upskilling and L&D comes in all sorts of forms - which is why we cover the full spectrum. From certifications, in-person events, and intimate workshops, to templates, mentors, and toolkits, cover all the bases in one place.
Need something more tailormade? Not a problem. As well as off-shelf-options, we provide fully customizable solutions to meet your team and organization’s specific needs and goals.

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Set your teamup for success

Create a shared understanding of product marketing.

Enable your team to deliver tangible business results.

Gain access to personalized templates and frameworks.

Fill skills gaps, fast-track new starters, and create new PMM leaders.

Real-world learning with applicable methodologies, not textbook reading.

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