Build, retain, and train agold-standard product marketing team

Upskill your entire team, get everyone speaking the same language, and level-up your PMM impact with accredited courses your team can use to learn today and apply tomorrow.
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Why PMM teams
pick PMA to get certified

And why you should, too…
Our courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and CPD and trusted by Fortune 500 brands, so you can be rest assured your team will be working off the very best resources.
The product marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Our certifications are regularly updated with the latest trends, tactics, topics, and strategies, ensuring you’re never left behind.
Product marketing can look different from company-to-company. Putting your team through our certifications will ensure everyone’s speaking the same language…
…Equally, with teams spread across the world, with varying levels of experience and interpretations of what PMMs do, our courses bring a unified approach to what product marketing is and does.
Accelerate your team’s professional growth trajectory by consistently fueling them with ideas and resources they can apply to specific projects, and 10x your team’s impact.
People stay at companies that invest in their professional development - and our certifications are a great way to demonstrate that commitment and attract and retain top talent.

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Our suite of courses cover every experience level and every core product marketing competency.

Whether you’re looking to upskill everyone on product positioning or provide your entire team with a shared understanding of the A to Z of PMM, our courses are the key to mastering every facet of the role.

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Product Marketing - Live & Online
Customer Marketing
Sales Enablement
Product-Led Growth
Product Marketing


Sales Enablement
Market Research
Customer Research
Consumer Psychology
Analyst Relations
Cross-Functional Collaboration
Building a PMM Team
Competitive Intelligence
Customer Advisory Board
Advanced Product Marketing
Narrative Design


Leadership Accelerator Program
PMM Leadership [OnDemand]


Sales Enablement
Positioning & Messaging
Product Marketing
It's really good to know that the team now has the tools to go and do the work by themselves. For my first couple of years at Indeed, I led by showing. Now, because we've had this training, PMMs have the opportunity to lead these things themselves. That's been a really gratifying transition.

Greg Powell

Senior Director of Employer Product Marketing

Adding the badges to profiles proves that we're well qualified compared to other product marketing teams.  In addition, since the whole team is certified, it shows that the TELUS International organization is serious about the team's professional development and performance. I'm confident that as we hire additional PMMs, they'll notice that the whole team is well qualified and well thought of.

Kirsten Jepson

Head of Product Marketing

I would highly recommend the PMA Certification Program regardless of your years of experience in product marketing.
“Not only is it a well-structured product marketing knowledge base, easy to follow with a lot of actionable insights, but also offers templates and frameworks which will help you increase team efficiency."

Marina Hudek

Product Marketing Lead

By the end of our courses
your team will be able to…

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Execute with confidence

With all the theory, real-life case studies, and practical examples/coursework under their belt, watch the speed and quality of your team’s execution skyrocket.

Enhance PMM’s impact

More knowledge = more skills = better output = better results = increased influence. Put your product marketing team on the map in a way the rest of the org simply can’t ignore.

Speak a unified language

Get everyone understanding the unique language and key concepts of product marketing, and enhance your team’s communication.

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Whatever course(s) you put your team through, access all the OnDemand content for-life, plus any future updates. Perfect for refreshing team members down the line and keeping that knowledge sharp.
We provide optional but highly recommended tasks to help your team put theory into practice and create a ready-to-use pack of materials to implement in your company.
Lifetime access to tons of tried-and-tested customizable templates, designed to streamline your processes and enhance your team’s efficiency.
Learn at your own pace with our OnDemand option, or let us guide your team together with a Live and Online or Live and In-Person program.
Get all your team’s questions answered by top product marketing experts with regular support sessions.
Access to the PMMC alumni channel, where your team can continue networking and learning from certified peers long after the course is over.
Always stay abreast of the latest in product marketing with lifetime access to course content. We update our content quarterly to reflect new trends and developments in the field.
Upon successful completion of all exams, earn an official certificate recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD),  joining the likes of HubSpot, Salesforce, and TikTok.
Get personalized and actionable advice to your toughest product marketing questions, backed by Product Marketing Alliance’s entire knowledge base, using PMM-GPT.

Upskill your entire
product marketing team…

Fill key knowledge gaps and get everyone speaking the same language by getting your whole team certified. Book in a call to discuss group rates.

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Can I mix and match for a team discount? (for example, 2 core & 1 advanced)

Absolutely. We’ve lost of companies who choose to mix and match the courses they sign different members of their team up to.

Just reach out to the team and we’d be happy to discuss mix ‘n’ match pricing and rates.

Do we need to assign a course login to everyone at the same time?

If you’re buying in bulk and, for example, accounting for new hires due to start down the line, you don’t have to assign everyone a login at the same time. However, they do need be assigned a login within one year otherwise it will be lost.

Are your courses accredited?

Absolutely! As well as having the seal of approval from orgs like HubSpot, Facebook, TikTok, Salesforce, Sky, and more, Product Marketing Certified: Core is recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

What happens if my team don’t pass the course exams?

If they fail the first time around they'll be given the option to retake the exam. If they fail the second attempt, unfortunately, it means they won’t get the certificate. However, all’s not lost – they’ll have still learned lots and they’ll be