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Leading your organization’s product marketing strategy can be a heavy burden to carry.

To lighten your load, we’ve created an interactive leadership accelerator program, allowing you to learn, share, and practice with PMM leaders all over the world in an intimate and exclusive environment.

From scaling teams, data, and budgets to strategies, project management, influence, and more, you get 8+ enjoyably intense weeks covering all the areas you need to shine in a leadership role.

And it doesn’t stop there...if you’ve got an eye on the C-suite, we’ve dedicated an entire week to supporting your career goals.

Accelerator program

8-week timetable

Week 1
  • Creating a product marketing strategy
  • Driving strategy with product marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Customer segmentation | Q&A with Unbounce
  • Changes to your messaging
  • Your approach to positioning
  • Indoctrinate your team in your strategy
  • Consistency in your content
  • Bonus: PMM strategies for mobile apps | Etsy
  • Bonus: PMM strategies for a freemium product | HubSpot
  • [Fireside chat] Phill Agnew | Hotjar
  • [Fireside chat] Devon O'Rourke | Fluvio
  • The unique challenges/opportunities of leading at a -up
  • [Fireside chat] Jeff Schaffzin | Genysys
  • [Bonus] A -up strategy slide deck
  • Exam #1 - Product marketing strategy
  • Coursework #1 - product marketing strategy
  • [LIVE] Your weekly presentation with Snow Software
Week 2
  • Building a product marketing team
  • Product marketing team structures
  • PMM team structures - examples
  • A new function for PMM?
  • How to structure your PMM team internally
  • [Bonus] How to build and structure a PMM team
  • [Bonus] Built to scale - product marketing at Uber
  • The recruitment processInterview questions & tasks
  • [Fireside chat] Tamara Grominsky | Unbounce
  • [Fireside chat] Jennifer Bunting | LinkedIn
  • Exam #2 - Building a product marketing team
  • Coursework #2 - building a PMM team
  • [LIVE] Your weekly presentation with Clari
Week 3
  • Defining your leadership style
  • Hard' and 'soft' leadership skills
  • Hard & soft skills [Q&A with Uber]
  • Making the hard decisions
  • Retaining and upskilling top talent
  • Developing a high performance team
  • Delegation and briefing
  • [Fireside chat] Tamara Niesen | Shopify
  • [Bonus] Leading, building, and growing great PMMs | airSlate
  • Exam #3 - Team management
  • Coursework #3 - team management
  • [LIVE] Your weekly presentation with Quantum Metric
Week 4
  • Pricing, budgets & impact
  • Pricing strategies
  • [Bonus] How to get a seat at the pricing table
  • [Bonus] pricing and packaging roadmaps to grow revenue | Zuora
  • Product marketing + pricing | Q&A with Toast
  • [Bonus] The psychology behind pricing | Brandwatch
  • Exam #4 - Pricing, budgets & impact
  • Coursework #4 - pricing, budgets & impact
  • [LIVE] Your weekly presentationYour Mid-Point feedback
Week 5
  • Being data-driven
  • The data your leaders care about
  • Tying PMM to revenue
  • Handling objections
  • Your dashboard and messaging success
  • Data visualization
  • [Fireside chat] Aaron Brennan | airSlate
  • Exam #5 - DataCoursework #5 - data
  • [LIVE] Your weekly presentation
Week 6
  • Your role as a project leader
  • Goals and prioritization
  • Motivation and cohesion
  • Planning and execution
  • Discuss pricing and packaging early
  • Product launches
  • [Fireside chat] Yoni Solomon | Uptime
  • [Fireside chat] Chris Hines | ZScaler
  • Exam #6 - Project management & go-to-market
  • Coursework #6 - project management & GTM
  • [LIVE] Your weekly presentation
Week 7
  • Level-up your ability to influence people
  • Owning your professional development
  • Cross-functional relationships
  • Analyst relationsProduct-led growth
  • [Bonus] Product-led growth - the rise of the user | OpenView
  • A PMMs guide to product-led growth
  • Exam #7 - Influencer & being cross-functional
  • Coursework #7 - influence & being cross-functional
  • [LIVE] Your weekly presentation with 6sense
Week 8
  • An intro to week 8
  • PMM perceptions among the C-suiteThe Growth CMO
  • [Bonus] How to become a translator for the C-suite | Oracle
  • [LIVE] Your weekly presentation with ARION & Bodo.ai
  • Coursework #8 - setting your sights on the C-suite
General Activity
Topic Discussion
Topic Activity

Accelerator program

September 10, 2024
8 Weeks / $2,999
Starts at 9:00 AM (PST)
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"PMA delivers real-world leadership training from proven specialists

Once again, the Product Marketing Alliance has delivered an excellent course based on real-world experience and leadership.

Highly recommend anyone wanting to further their leadership aspirations to learn from these existing proven performers and raise your own bar."

Andrew Hatfield

Founder and Go to Market and Growth Strategist

"Flat-out awesome course!

This course leaves no stone unturned and even provides you with slide decks, tools, and templates for future use. All the interviews with the industry's top product marketing leaders provided so many nuggets of product marketing leadership gold and real-world practical application. If you want to take your product marketing career to the next level, this is absolutely the course for you – bar none!"

Scott Bamford

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Refine your leadership style, empowering you to effectively lead cross-functional teams.

Walk away with a certificate of completion, cementing your place in the product marketing leadership sphere.

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The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

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A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

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the curriculum 

Here at PMA, you can learn from the collective success and experience of the world’s biggest product marketing community. Not only that, but our certifications are built with the support of PMMs from the largest orgs around such as Adobe, Google, Linkedin, Atlassian, Grammarly, and many more.

If you need help convincing your company to pay for your training, we’ve done the leg work for you.

By the end of the course
‍‍you'll be able to...

Achieve business goals

Get the frameworks and knowledge to develop and implement strategic marketing plans that align with business goals to show the true value of your PMM team.

Build and scale teams

Learn tried-and-tested techniques to build, mentor, and scale a high-performing product marketing team.

Align strategically

Understand how to effectively communicate and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure product success.



One to two hours of on-demand content each week, developed by seasoned product marketing professionals to help you learn the most impactful strategies in the industry.


Join a global community of learners for lively discussion, collaboration, and mutual learning opportunities.


Live presentations from the great minds at Quantum Metrics, Snow Software, Clari, and more, offering their unique perspectives on product marketing leadership.


Hands-on assignments designed to test your knowledge and sharpen your practical skills in product marketing leadership.


14 industry-standard templates to take the guesswork out of your product marketing efforts.


Rigorous exams designed to measure your understanding of the course material, so you can consolidate your learning and identify areas for improvement.




Get personalized and actionable advice to your toughest product marketing questions, backed by Product Marketing Alliance’s entire knowledge base, using PMM-GPT.

Get access to
‍‍these resources...

Product positioning framework

Product roadmap framework

Guide to pricing models

Sales playbook template

Sales confident survey questions

Win-loss interview questions

Win-loss interview questions

Customer case study questions

Content mapping template

Porter’s Five Forces

The Product Marketing
Core framework

Product marketing is a multi-faceted role with many concepts to cover so you can launch successful products, satisfy your customers, and be acing your career.

This framework helps you navigate all those concepts through five fundamental stages. For each of the stages: discover, strategize, define, get set, and grow, you'll journey through to boost your understanding of pivotal topics.

By understanding each topic on the framework, you'll increase your competency every time to become a well-rounded product marketer.


Equip yourself and your team with the info needed through customer feedback and competition research to formulate a strategy that’s relevant to your product and market.

Build business case

Competitor intel

Customer/market feedback

Market requirements

Why/loss analysis

Review and refine

Market research


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. A strategy that looks at barriers, opportunities, and data-backed methodologies is the first step towards creating a winning master plan.


Retention and expansion


Internal communication


Use Sales enablement





Define your market, identify your personas, and apply valuable insights gained in the discovery process to shape the customer journey and craft appropriate communication strategies.



Narrative design

User personas


Buyer personas


Use cases

Get set

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Through training, collaboration sessions, and indispensable assets, equip other teams with all the knowledge they need to come with you.

Sales assets


Sales enablement sessions



Prolong your efforts with a post-launch process to ensure your product goes from strength to strength through analysis, optimization, feedback loops, and customer advocacy.

Case studies



Customer feedback

Prioritise tickets

How it

Leadership curriculum

Each week, access a wealth of OnDemand learning around a different leadership topic, along with case studies, templates, and frameworks to solidify and support your learning and live cohort sessions.

Live presentations

Each week join expert lectures or panel discussions and interact with leaders from AWS, Arion, and Oracle. Learn from their unique experience and ask all your burning questions about becoming a PMM leader.

Lifelong support

Network with your peers and expert instructors by accessing your private peer group to compare notes, ask questions, and find a lifelong cohort to support your leadership journey.

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Discover how our Exec+ memberships stack up against our individual courses to find the best value for your investment.

Exec+ membership
/month (billed annually)
/month (billed annually)
Annual subscription with access to every course, a yearly Summit, workshops, peer groups, dinners, exclusive leadership events, and more,

25+ courses (incl. updates and future releases)

Complimentary access to 1x PMM Summit every year

Exclusive PMM Leaders Summit

Leadership Accelerator Program (included in the cost!)

Mastering leadership workshops

Peer-to-peer mentorship

PMM Carefully curated peer groups

Leadership breakfast briefings

Leadership dinners

Exclusive content

100+ templates and frameworks

500+ hours of OnDemand video content

Members-only events and community

Exclusive PMM learning paths and toolkits

Ungated access to industry reports

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One-off payment and lifetime access to this accredited course.

8-week cohort-based program

Live weekly workshops with PMM leaders & C-suite execs

Lifetime access to all course content & recordings

40+ hours of education

Official leadership certification if you pass the exams


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Interactive learning at your own pace
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Tap into the experts’ tried and tested tactics, strategies, and methodologies.

Leverage exclusive insights to create your own killer strategy.

Accelerate your learning with our product marketing AI coach.

Ask questions and get advice instantly- the ultimate AI sidekick for ambitious product marketers looking to fast-track their growth with community-backed insights.


Who is Product Marketing Leadership Accelerator for?

It’s for current and aspiring product marketing leaders. If you’re a current Senior Product Marketer, a Team Lead, or a Head of, this course will help you learn from experienced leaders and absorb their tried and tested techniques. If you’re a Director or looking to be more confident as a leader, this course will a) help you identify which skill gaps you need to close to lead with impact and, b) set the foundation for your move into a leadership role. If you’re a Director or VP and looking for a program more advanced to help you make your move into the C-Suite then take a look at the C-Suite Masterclass.

How long will I get access to the self-paced content once the program’s over?

Forever. Pay once, get access to all the curriculum content, bonus footage, fireside chats, exams, coursework, alumni, templates, and frameworks for life.

What time will the live sessions take place?

We’ve scheduled the live weekly presentations at the most universally friendly time we can find. They’ll be in the morning (9 am) for those in the PST timezone, at midday for those on EST time, and throughout the evening for all our European folks. In general, the live presentations will take place on Thursdays for the duration of the course.

Will I get recordings from the live weekly presentations?

100%. We’ll upload the presentation recording and slide deck into your dashboard a day or two after the session and then they’ll be yours to refer back to as often as you like, for as long as you like.

How long will the Product Marketing Leadership Accelerator take to complete?

Eight weeks. After that, the weekly presentations, coursework, and exams will come to an end; however, you’ll have access to all the materials to learn from for life. The alumni channel will be an eternal resource too, so you can stay in touch with and continue learning from your leadership program peers.

How different are these materials from those in the PMA membership plan?

In short, very. You’ll not find the content in our curriculum or fireside chats anywhere else. The same applies to the live presentations - these will be delivered live on the day and will be 100% exclusive to you and your fellow learners. Our Leadership Accelerator program is the only place you can tap into these materials.

I'd love to get a few PMM leaders certified, do you have any discounts on offer?

Yep! All our team packages are bespoke to make sure they’re tailored towards what you’re after, but if you drop Matt a line onm.booth@pmmalliance.com and let him know what you want, he’ll put a personalized package together for you.

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Elevate your impact with advanced product marketing certification. Go from tactical to strategic influence, establishing authority and strategic value.

Product Marketing Certified Leadership

This leadership certification will equip you with the insider knowledge you need to create a lasting, successful career as a product marketing leader.