Strategic productmarketing workshops

Upskill your entire team and expedite excellence with bespoke training tailored to your product, market, and goals.
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What arestrategic workshops?

Practical, tailormade, and instantly actionable, that’s what.

Our strategic workshops blend the all-important theory with global perspectives, proven tactics, and hands-on exercises, arming you and your team with actionable and relevant insights ready for you to apply the very next day.

From positioning to pricing to Go-to-Market and more, your expert instructor will carefully curate a workshop agenda that caters to your specific company, product, market, and industry conditions, creating a learning experience like no other.

If setting the industry standard in your team is what you want, our strategic workshops are what you need.
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“PMA's workshops really scratched that itch and gave everyone on the team the baseline they needed.”

Greg Powell, Senior Director of Employer Product Marketing at, signed his team up for PMA strategic workshops on messaging, positioning, narrative design, and storytelling.

Discover how this high-impact training can boost your team's skills and careers.
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Step 1

Speak to our learning advisors, pin-point the competency(s) you want to focus on, pick your preferred delivery method, and let them know your goals, challenges, and objectives.

Step 2

Based on your needs, we’ll build a workshop agenda for your review, provide a profile of your intstructor, and lock in training dates.Based on the info you provide, we’ll go away and pair you with an expert instructor, pull together your workshop curriculum, and collaborate on the agenda until you’re 100% happy.

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Step 3

Leave the rest to us! We’ll prepare everything needed for your workshop and share materials with you throughout so you’re always in the loop.

What you’ll get

Flexible training formats (online or in-person, full day or half-day, etc.) to fit your team's schedule and needs.

Customizable workshop content to align with your specific business challenges, goals, and priorities.

Expert facilitators who’ll adapt your curriculum to your organization's context and infuse their many years of expertise into the experience.

Actionable frameworks and tools your team can apply immediately to drive results.

Impartial, expert guidance to help you and your team approach new ideas and ways of working from different perspectives.

Total confidence the knowledge your team have absorbed is relevant to what you and your company are trying to achieve.

Employees want to work with employers who invest in their L&D, and our strategic workshops offer an unparalleled opportunity to do just that.

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The types of strategicworkshops we offer.

Can’t see the topic you’re after? Don’t worry. These are just a sample of what we have to offer.
Narrative design
Metrics & OKRs

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Don't wait to invest in leveling up your team - book a consultation today to help drive strategic growth for your organization.

See how our experts and customized curriculums can accelerate real-world impact for your team.

Discuss flexible options from intensive in-person to virtual sessions tailored to your needs.

Connect with our sales team to match transformative workshops to your specific goals and drive strategic growth.


Who are these strategic workshops designed for?

Mid-large organizations who’re serious about levelling up their product marketing team.

These workshops are ideal for teams with 7+ product marketers - however, that’s not to say smaller teams can’t be accommodated!

How much do these workshops cost?

The cost is fully customized based on your company's specific needs and requests, as well as whether it’s an existing or new workshop topic requiring content development.

Who will be facilitating the workshops?

This will totally depend on your workshop’s topic and your specific requirements.

During the consultation stage, we’ll pair you with the instructor most suited to your needs and ensure you’re comfortable with your pairing before we proceed.

What are the key benefits for my team?

With this workshop, you’ll be getting your team aligned through shared language and confidence that the training will be directly relevant to your goals. You'll fill skill gaps with impartial guidance and expedite improvement through bespoke insights ready for immediate application.

How will this help our decision-making and efficiency?

By tailoring the content to your product and business needs, we eliminate time spent determining which strategies apply. Your team will be equipped with action plans to implement right away.

How does this support employee retention and development?

Employees value professional development opportunities. Our specialized strategic workshops offer an unparalleled L&D experience that shows your commitment to growth.